When words are a way of weaving an emotion, a thought or a story: the nature of people and things, often convoluted in our heads with grey areas so wide in between the black and whites, Rozaine finds writing to be cathartic, enlivening and even enlightening when she is in her zone to explore a theme or two. Even if attempts are left incomplete, poems don’t rhyme or she can’t single out that one word to express the bubbling idea inside, she says that creative writing makes her feel alive.


If she could be one thing in the world, she would be a mum any day. And if she could be two things in the world, she would be a mum who is an author. From childhood, writing has been her first love.


Though an introvert by nature, Rozaine’s work has forced her to work with large groups of people. Being a lecturer, and a consultant for organisations had led her to acquire the skill of speaking usually from her heart.


The curiosity to understand why we are the way we are, led her to study and specialize in Psychology. With a keen interest in human potential, character strength and resilience, she researches on some timely issues on how crisis can lead us to become better versions of ourselves.


Rozaine admits that writing a novel or compiling a book is not an easy feat. Reminiscing on her book publications, she says that she needs long years of rest in-between not only because it requires total dedication and commitment, but also space and peace of mind that can unveil a blank parchment. Creative lines as opposed to technical writing, needs to be breathed in to the soul of a writer, giving life to characters through an original invention of interactions amongst people and places, that would consume the author till they have found their expression through words. Deep dark corners of the human psyche to the unexplored territories of the context, books render the opportunity to live many lives and see many places, through several pairs of eyes; the characters’, the writer’s, the reader’s.


Take a tour to view some of Rozaine’s past articles and writing. Be it the space of creative writing, psychology, or on-going research, you may find a pearl of inspiration to get involved in the artistic or knowledge discourse as she invites you to share your ideas.