Growing stellar performers in organizations

Against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, in the early hours of the morning, are two men who walk on the beach sharing their life stories. Roy, a middle manager from a manufacturing plant, is desperate for answers as he struggles to lead an initiative that threatens the jobs of the managers of the factory. Accompanying him is Ed, a retired medical doctor turned corporate leader, who has managed to save a chain of companies from bankruptcy. Using the human body as a leadership model, Ed narrates stories from his own past to elaborate on the different stages involved in the development of human maturity within organizations. Encapsulated in a moving story of ambition, success, family and loss, is a series of anecdotes that talk about the purpose and fulfillment at work and life as a whole.


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2010 State Literary Awards

Colours of the Sun was one of the five nominated works in at the State Literary Awards 2010.

2010 Shortlisted for Gratiaen Awards

Colours of the Sun was one of the five shortlisted works in the Gratiaen Awards 2010.

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