Nominated for State Literary Awards 2010 and Gratiaen Awards 2010

Mariam, a girl of ”mixed blood” is uprooted from Kandy and transplanted to Sydney to escape the escalating ethnic conflict in the late 1990s. Displaced and disoriented, she fights to find her voice in a society that shows little empathy towards the ‘lost in translation’. Her dream is to be an artist but her parents want her to become a doctor. Traumatized by rejection and loneliness, she looks for answers in all the wrong places to find what she has forgotten. Join Mariam in her emotional journey through different cultures numbed by set standards, routine and materialism, as she relates her story of coming home through letters, poetry and sketches to her own daughter Faith.


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2010 State Literary Awards

Colours of the Sun was one of the five nominated works in at the State Literary Awards 2010.

2010 Shortlisted for Gratiaen Awards

Colours of the Sun was one of the five shortlisted works in the Gratiaen Awards 2010.

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